Graduate Careers Advertising that get students to size-up Surveying
Victorian Building Authority (VBA) Logo on The Animals website
Graduate Careers Advertising is something The Animals have done a bit of, and Victorian Building Authority had a challenge for us that was an excellent match for our experience. STEMs based careers (Science, Tech, Engineering and Maths) have been highly popular with students and school leavers. However despite Engineering being an integral part of STEMs, very few still consider the related area of surveying for a career path. This is despite it being highly paid and acute shortages being felt nationally.

To raise awareness, the VBA enlisted The Animals to build material that reinforced the impact your career can have on an entire skyline. We developed initial concepts through to final finished art, along with print and delivery of promotional products. The work was carried out lightning fast – in the equivalent of just 2 weeks, and successfully seen by more than 14,000 students across a variety of channels including at the VCE & Careers Expo.
Graduate Careers Advertising & Design for the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) Building Surveyor Careers Guide Graduate Talent Attraction
Graduate Careers Advertising & Design for Victorian Building Authority (VBA) Student Careers Brochure Spread
Victorian Building Authority Poster