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Mazzucchelli's Logo - Mazzucchelli's Website
Since 1903 Mazzucchelli’s have sold leading quality diamonds, timepieces and jewellery. While the store and its offering have evolved over the years, the final step – to bring their traditional store online with an official Mazzucchelli's Website, was yet to happen.

The Animals worked closely with the Jeweller in South Australia, as well as remotely using agile project management software, to build a sophisticated e-Commerce platform that provided full online functionality for the Mazzucchelli's Website. Including promotional offers and codes, robust security, fast fulfilment, and educational content that would assist jewellery shoppers when deciding on what to put in their cart.

Other functionality was also applied, such as store locators, tips on sizing and click and collect purchasing.
Mazzucchelli's Website – Rand Diamonds on Mazzucchelli's Jewellery Website
Mazzucchelli's Website featuring Chris Hemsworth Tag Heuer Watch Range at Mazzucchelli's
Mazzucchellis Website on Desktop
Mazzucchelli's Website - Phone images of Halo Diamond Collection on Mazzucchelli's eCommerce Website
Mazzucchelli's Website – Screen Panels from the Mazzucchelli's eCommerce Website
Mazzucchelli's Website eCommerce Creative on iPad