Website UX and Design
Flex Workspaces provide small and large office areas, within a stunning space in South Melbourne meticulously designed by Six Degrees Architects.

The task we undertook for the business was highly focused. As part of the Flex project we were asked to supply:

• Wireframes & UX/UI
• Digital Designs for all pages, panels, forms and buttons
• Copywriting & Content
• Animated Icons to showcase Flex’s features

Existing photography, logo and colourways were provided by Dux Agency, a national commercial property marketing specialist. On Flex,
The Animals worked in true collaboration with a large team of internal and external personnel, including Dux.

By project conclusion were able to create a website for Flex Melbourne that was highly distinctive. At project commencement, we had access to engineering plans, features and architectural renders, but the site itself on the ground was actually still being built. As we shaped the website, the real Flex also came to life. Some computer generated renders were later swapped out into real photos of the actual site.

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Flex Icons