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The Animals befriend Lighthouse Foster Care

Happy news for The Animals. We’ve just partnered with a not for profit charity, creating website and ongoing digital work for Lighthouse Foster Care. They really are an amazing organisation, one that will allow us to channel our relentless energy and love for all things digital into a really positive cause.

Run by The Lighthouse Foundation, Lighthouse Foster Care do incredible work with children, young people and families.

When you see what this group does, it’s easy for all of us to be grateful for our own childhood experiences. Stable homes, parental care and love, annual holidays and family get togethers are things we probably all take for granted. Consider for a moment that those things were not there for you. That what you experienced was the polar opposite – traumatic even. How would that shape you as a person? You’d probably find that quite a few pieces of who you are as a person would be missing. That you were fragile, slightly broken, confused or upset and angry at life. You’d be hurting.

The Lighthouse Foundation is there as a guiding light. They’re dealing in many instances with vulnerable young people, navigating the complexities to turn the harm around. It’s a difficult, complex and challenging work, and something these people, many of who are volunteers, take on with unbelieveable patience and dedication.

Their innovative Foster programs pair young people with people from all backgrounds, placing them in safe, welcoming homes. Then providing continuous, caring support and resources for those Foster families – so they can all grow and thrive together. Make no mistake, Fostering a child is not for the faint of heart, but being part of the healing, the milestones and personal growth that takes children into a position where they can thrive can be incredibly rewarding.

We admire what these people do. They’re pretty much our heroes, so rest assured we’ll be working our tails off to create really positive, engaging work that reflects the brilliant things they do. Projects include ongoing digital initiatives and website for this not for profit charity, so stay tuned.