The Animals say hello in bright pink neon

The Animals are live and launched

The Animals are officially live and launched, and currently serving Advertising Agency, Design Firm and client organisations and businesses in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. Based on overseas business models, we’re helpful, efficient, low-fuss creative collaborators that can bring broad perspectives to your creative projects.

Positive press

Enormous thanks to Mumbrella, AdNews Australia, B&T and Campaign Brief for their coverage of The Animals this week, and the countless well wishes from past colleagues in the Advertising Agency industry, as well as Marketers, Designers, client partners and friends.

The Animals have also drawn noteworthy overseas attention on international websites including Design Rush. Recently we were recognised as a top Digital Agency on their website.

A fresh way of doing

The way The Animals operate is unique. We’re setting out to redefine creative services, and how they are delivered, for the better. As a result our model is tough to pigeon-hole. That’s because we work with companies delivering creative to clients (ie. Ad Agencies, Design Firms and Marketing Consultancies), and seperately with some clients themselves, many that already have some creative capacity in-house.

Different groups, same needs

Agencies and Clients actually have the same needs. Both want quality, both have cost pressures, and both need to meet their communication projects head on with the right people. Our people fill that gap. With The Animals’ talented creative professionals, you get people that work swiftly in a no-fuss way, and don’t impede internal processes or existing design or brand standards. Importantly, we create and maintain excellent ideas and quality marketing communications. And nothing less.

Are you developing a creative project with a goal to bring the buzz? Let’s discuss it further.