Telehealth Website, Creative Advertising and Launch Campaign
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Mantle Men's Mental Health are a team of expert Psychologists from around Australia that specialise in Men's Mental Health. Mantle approached The Animals to develop a national Psychology Telehealth Website that would link to Coviu, a video technology designed by the CSIRO, and to prepare their marketing strategy and communications for launch.

Together with Mantle Men's Mental Health we developed a UX and CX journey that took prospective customers from enquiry through to purchase. Putting in place web functionality that took into account booking engines as well as content that would encourage rather than discourage conversions.

We are immensely proud of the work we are doing in this vital part of Australian Health. The line 'Manage What Matters' was developed by The Animals as a platform for Mantle and it's fantastic to be doing exactly that with this brand – working on something immensely meaningful that matters for so many across our country. Mantle's aim is to work with Men to become better partners, fathers, brothers, sons and friends. And we're right there with them.
Mantle Health - manage what matters
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