Creating effective websites

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Every website is different. There is certainly no ‘one-size-fits all’ for creating effective websites. When you look at the best sites in the world, often it comes down to 5 key principles. This article is written as a handy ‘new website 101’ primer. We hope you find these hints and tips helpful!: 1. Start with […]

Graphis Honorable Mention: The Animals awarded in the line-up for Mantle Health

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If only we’d worn our tuxedos! It’s certainly been The Animal’s night with not one but two awards at the Graphis Awards in New York, USA. We’re thrilled to have been recognised with a Graphis Honorable Mention for Mantle Health’s Website. Getting the judging nod to receive a finalist means you’ll be seeing our work […]

Graphis Silver: The Animals take heavy metal for Myer

Graphis Silver The Animals article image of silver trophy on black background - The Animals Melbourne Blog Image

Hot on the heels of The Animals’ big win in 2019/2020, we’ve put in another strong 2021 showing at the Graphis Design awards. The Animals have clinched a coveted Graphis Silver at the judging in New York City, USA for their work with Myer. It’s a long way from Australia to the Big Apple, but […]