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Graphis Silver: The Animals take heavy metal for Myer

Hot on the heels of The Animals’ big win in 2019/2020, we’ve put in another strong 2021 showing at the Graphis Design awards. The Animals have clinched a coveted Graphis Silver at the judging in New York City, USA for their work with Myer. It’s a long way from Australia to the Big Apple, but we’re absolutely thrilled to have been recognised by a global jury with this prestigious award win. The campaign work can be seen in our work section (as well as in the Graphis link below) and is for Valentine’s Day promotions which were not only highly creative, but also extremely effective for the Department Store. Their sales during the period amounted to millions of dollars in the categories products were featured. Can retail be creative? Can creative drive profit? We think the proof is right here.

The Design brief for Myer’s Valentine’s Day was a highly unusual one. We needed to present ‘Valentine’s Day’ without a single love heart!

At the same time Myer wanted all creative to still reinforce the occasion for couples from all backgrounds and lifestyles as ‘the most loved-up day of the year’. Any design work needed to be inclusive, colourful, fun and importantly – not hide the product. It also had to act as a reminder to forgetful Men and Women who might not realise that Valentine’s Day had arrived and it was time to make the important person in your life feel special. To further complicate the brief, the nature of Valentine’s Day was recognised to be changing as some rejected the ‘couple-focused’ nature of the day. No longer was the day purely just seen as a giving occasion for couples, but also best friends, grandparents and grandkids and even pet-owners.

We will be honest and admit we seriously grappled with this task. Removing a heart from a Valentine’s Day for us was akin to taking Santa out of the festive season! After a number of attempts, many of which focused on different people celebrating the day in different ways, we realised that rather than showing individuals and their love, we could actually focus on the words used on the day, “I love you”, substituting the product itself. It resulted in a great range of campaignable thoughts for the retailer and the occasion.

We’d like to thank everyone at Myer for their support in getting a great idea off the ground, their ‘captain’s pick’ of our many concepts and roughs at Myer HQ has meant an outstanding idea was brought to life and has now been recognised with this outstanding accolade.

It’s a heartening result to be among some of the best design talent in the world.

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Client: Myer

Designer: Brendan Moore

Copywriter: Angus Williams

Social Media Managers: Bridget Thompson, Caterina Martino

Marketing Manager: Gemma Hunter

Category: Print & Retail

Tag: Graphis Silver The Animals.