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Graphis Honorable Mention: The Animals awarded in the line-up for Mantle Health

If only we’d worn our tuxedos! It’s certainly been The Animal’s night with not one but two awards at the Graphis Awards in New York, USA. We’re thrilled to have been recognised with a Graphis Honorable Mention for Mantle Health’s Website. Getting the judging nod to receive a finalist means you’ll be seeing our work in the published hard-bound edition of the Graphis 2022 Design Annual which is pretty amazing.

The work was received Honorable Mention in the Website Category of the Graphis Design Awards for 2022.

With finalists from around the world, and judging from a global panel, competition can be fierce and we’re thrilled to be recognised for what is an invaluable Mental Health service that is working daily with men from all walks of life in assisting them to be the best partners, fathers, brothers, sons and friends they can be.

The design process for Mantle’s look was not a slam-dunk by any means. Far from it.

As a result of our very focused brief from Mantle’s team we approached the project by ignoring entire categories of work you might typically be influenced by designing a health-based website.

That meant discarding influences from Healthcare, Medical and Psychology/Therapy sectors completely. Instead we drew inspiration from Men’s consumer goods and related interest areas. Taking in looks from categories as diverse as Fashion, Craft Beverages, Timepieces, Boating, Automotive, Lifestyle & Tourism, as well as Sport and Camping Equipment.

As a result of drawing on these influences, we were able to form an appearance that ignored a lot of expected constructs, but was still very ‘approachably masculine’ in feel (which is the target audience for Mantle). The work was paired with a branding tag-line, ‘Manage What Matters’ as something that would appeal to our middle-aged audience, many of who were business people, parents or both.

We also carefully developed a UX and CX journey that took prospective customers from enquiry through to purchase. Content-wise the site has been crafted to be brief, direct and thoughtful in its word use, layout and functionality, as well as non-triggering and sensitive in our language and appearance.

A lot of hard work, learnings and refinement has gone into Mantle Health, and it’s outstanding to have that reflected with an Honorable Mention.

To view the full suite of work, including Mantle’s website go here:


Client: Mantle Health

Designers: Brendan Moore, Edmund Richardson

Copywriter: Angus Williams

Marketing Manager: Luke Foster

Category: Website