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Employer Branding. What is it and why is it important?

For around half a decade we’ve worked across HR & Recruitment marketing activity for brands that include BHP, Rio Tinto, Accenture, PwC, QBE, Mars, GE, SA Police, Melbourne Water, American Express and more. We’re also worked with leading recruiters across Australia, assisting them with their marketing. In that time you get to appreciate a lot about what makes for fantastic Employer Branding and Recruitment activity and what doesn’t.

So what is Employer Branding exactly?

Employer Branding is how you sell and market your employee experience to those inside and outside of your organisation. That is, the people you want to attract and those you already have.

What are the benefits of a great Employer Brand?

A strong Employer Brand assists you to become an ‘Employer of choice’. Meaning that the best talent will want to join you, and your best and brightest will want to stay with you.

How do you create an exceptional Employer Brand?

In our experience, the best Employer Brands are grounded in being real and authentic. And that means not just talking about your organisation in approachable and honest ways, but also doing your research so you get to the truth of what your organisation is. Too often we have seen organisations that say they are innovative, when their strength is in supporting each other, or other strengths. Harnessing the research you have, or undertaking thorough employee and candidate research to work out what makes your place great is vital for a great Employer Brand. It allows you to create an approach that will be true to candidates that join you, and recognised as accurate by the people you already have.

How does an Employer Brand differ from a regular Brand?

Your Employer Brand is framed around how employees (actual and potential) see your business as a place to work. A regular brand is built around consumers and those that buy products or services so is quite different. Another important distinction is that regular brands often use a USP (Unique Selling Point) as something that underpins them, whereas an Employer Brand uses an EVP (Employer Value Proposition). Both are similar in nature in that they are used as a platform to give everything you talk to continuity and consistency. 

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