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Looking for quality Social Media and Digital Content in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or your local area? Talk to us about targeting, engaging and activating your audiences and followers. Social Media is often a neglected part of an organisation’s marketing mix, but it’s a great way to keep those you're trying to appeal to informed and up to date.

The Animals have worked with major brands, corporate businesses, governments and retailers, as well as service industries so we know what it takes to create content that can draw in even those with the ‘shortest of attention spans’ on Social Media. Our design smarts, motion editing capabilities and access to production and conceptual capabilities means you’ll be able to generate immersive material that’s ready for broadcast and matches your brand perfectly, along with your marketing and communication goals.

Some of the topline options we offer:

• Social Media Calendar planning
• Tactical assistance tailored to match your desired social channels
• Still Image posts, Motion & Animation posts, Titles and Design for all formats
• Content writing for posts, articles, white papers and social media stories
• Social Media templates for beautiful campaigns (that you can take and author yourself)
• Scheduling and despatch of items and campaign measurement

Tailored options:

• Marketing Management - Complete social media management for a simple monthly fee
• B2B Marketing Solutions - Tailored solutions for your business-to-business comms
• Pinterest - Use the visual to inspire audiences.
• Twitter Marketing - Be at the forefront of your brand's news.
• Instagram Marketing - Up your follow count, generate insta stories and more
• Facebook Services - From organic posts that excite to successful pay-per-click advertising
• Blog Development – Share your company news and insights your way

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